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Pregnancy Fears

It is normal to develop different fears during pregnancy, especially if it is your first pregnancy.. Though it is normal, and somewhat expected, there are fears you can avoid with a little research, which will actually help your pregnancy go smoother. Remember, fear can lead to stress, and stress is never good for you.

Many women are afraid of having a miscarriage. Though it does happen, you should know that most pregnancies end with healthy babies, and most miscarriages occur in the first weeks of pregnancy, sometimes before you even notice your missed period   You can lower your risk of miscarrying by avoiding smoking and alcohol, as well as cutting back on caffeine. Also avoid amusement park rides and ride a bicycle.

Fearing your baby will have birth defects is normal. It may help to know that the risk of your baby having birth defects is only 4%. Even if test results are abnormal, in many cases a follow up test result will return normal. If you have any general or specific concerns, speak to your midwife. It is always helpful to be informed, and may reduce the stress and minimize your concerns.

Fearing childbirth is the most common fear, especially if it is your first pregnancy or if you have a difficult childbirth experience before. Taking childbirth preparation classes and learning about your options can help reduce the fear of the unknown.

An emergency cesarean section is something that many expecting mums fear. It may help to know that most cesarean sections are known in advance, even scheduled. If you will need a cesarean section due to breech baby, gestational diabetes or other complication, you will most likely know about it enough time in advance in order to get all the information you need.

Pregnancy is a miracle, though it can hold its share of fears. Knowledge is power, and will help you overcome some of the fears you may be facing. Speak to your partner; your OBGYN and anyone else you feel can help relieve these fears. There is no shame in fearing the unknown or for your child’s well being, it only means you are realizing you are about to be a parent.

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    Pregnancy Fears - Blog - Window to the Womb

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It certainly can be a very stressful time, probably a fear of the unknown more than anything. Good advise about seeking out help and information, all mums have been through it before and will be only happy to share their experience with you.

October 19, 2011 | Unregistered Commentersteph smith

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